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26th April 2016

Inngot’s tools are at the heart of a new finance support offering for high potential businesses. Quantiply, operated by the Big Innovation Centre, helps companies leverage their intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets for debt and equity funding.

Quantiply is the new name for the Entrepreneurial Finance Hub. It aims to bridge the ’information gap’ between companies and prospective lenders and investors by helping innovative businesses to identify and communicate their intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets. As part of this process, all companies are encouraged to profile and value their IP with Inngot’s online toolkit, and to use its Appraise action plan report to consider how to strengthen their proposition.

As Richard Blakesley, Quantiply’s Chief Executive, explains: ’Collecting data on intangible assets and having a means to understand and analyse their potential value is central to our approach. We have been working with Inngot since the Big Innovation Centre first identified the need to intervene in this area, and its tools have proved highly effective and popular with the companies going through our process’.

Quantiply has already attracted companies across a range of sectors, including electronics, advanced materials, environmental technologies and food insustry innovations. One of the many satisfied users of Inngot’s toolkit is Koji Drinks, whose director Tim Chater commented: "It reminded us why we set the business up. It was incredibly useful... It just enables discussions really".

The Quantiply process is currently being rolled out regionally across the UK, with cohorts in London and Edinburgh due to be joined shortly by the North West. For more information, visit Quantiply.co.

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