Inngot signs alliance with global IP services provider Rouse

21st January 2019

Martin Brassell (left) and Luke Minford (right)

Inngot, the innovative web-based platform for intellectual property (IP) and intangible asset identification and valuation, has concluded a strategic alliance with global IP services company Rouse.

The agreement sees Rouse making a strategic investment in Inngot  through the acquisition of a minority stake. Both companies will continue to operate independently and will maintain separate brands. 

Inngot co-founder and CEO Martin Brassell said: 

“We’ve been working increasingly closely with Rouse over the past year and have experienced the benefits of their professionalism and reach at first-hand. Both our organisations have pushed the boundaries in helping companies harness their intangible assets more effectively. Through this new alliance, we will enable many more businesses to understand and unlock the value tied up in their IP.”  

Rouse CEO Luke Minford commented:

“We’re delighted to launch this new collaboration with Inngot. Our alliance further strengthens Rouse’ ability to deliver commercial IP strategy underpinned by forensic understanding of asset value."

“Economic conditions are tightening and market competition is  intensifying across every industry and rights holders need to focus unerringly on capturing and leveraging every ounce of value from investments made. Together, Rouse and Inngot are unrivalled in our ability to guide clients on that journey.” 

Rouse is widely recognised as one of the leading global IP consultancies, operating as a closely integrated network, with more than 600 people working out of 16 offices in 13 countries. It provides the full range of IP services, from portfolio management, disputes and enforcement through to strategy, consulting and commercialisation. 

The new relationship with Inngot helps cement Rouse’ position as the preeminent provider of IP strategy advisory services globally, not least across Asia and the Middle East, where the firm’s specialist expertise is long-established. Inngot’s high profile work in emerging markets will ensure synergies between the two companies’ collaborative offer.

Inngot’s identification and valuation systems bring a standardised framework to the field of IP management and valuation, and are helping to increase confidence in intangible assets across the finance industry. In difficult economic conditions, the ability to unlock latent value within innovation investments is a vital frontier of commercial growth for all rights holders, particularly within the SME community. 

Inngot is also known for its work with governments, international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and leading business groups in developing policy that drives appreciation of the true value and significance of intangible assets in the 21st  century global economy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has just published the latest report by Inngot CEO Martin Brassell,  Fostering the use of intangibles to strengthen SME access to finance, based on  Inngot’s international research.

IP experts collaborate at EU Masterclass

15th November 2018

Inngot were recently invited by the EU IPO, on behalf of the European Commission, to deliver on a series of “Train the Trainers” masterclasses for a new European Commission IP pre-diagnostic (IPPD) service.  IPPD is a pilot programme to be rolled out in some EU countries, which is based and builds on experience from similar audit schemes (e.g. by INPI, France and UKIPO ‘IP Audits Plus’ scheme and European Patent Office initiatives).  The aim of IPPD is to have a network of business advisers on hand to raise awareness within the EU SME community of IP and wider intangible assets family, and the value therein.

Dr Alison Orr was delighted to deliver this masterclass and work with IP experts from across the EU, meeting some new and familiar faces in Brussels and have the opportunity to share best practices on IP management, strategy and valuation in an interactive training session.

Inngot’s IP valuation platform facilitates IP lending by HSBC

7th November 2018

Inngot’s cost-effective internet-based IP valuation tool recently helped software group EAMS Group gain financing from HSBC UK, through the first use of the bank’s IP Lending Proposition.

EAMS secured a £700,000 finance package from HSBC, which will be used to expand its workforce and assist in the acquisition of Serbian software business Inspiresoft. EAMS provides enterprise asset management software solutions to organisations in the transport sector all around the world, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

To help identify companies with truly innovative technology, HSBC is now taking an active interest in intellectual property, seen by many as the currency of the knowledge economy. The new IP Lending Proposition makes use of Inngot’s unique valuation process to provide cash flow-based lending that is backed by the value of a company’s intangible assets. This is particularly well suited to growth companies like EAMS, whose assets are primarily software-based rather than physical.

Laura Murray, HSBC UK’s area director for corporate banking in East London and Canary Wharf praised the new scheme, saying: “We are delighted to have used our new Intellectual Property Lending Proposition to enable us to support such an ambitious research and development start-up on its journey to expansion.” Lenders increasingly appreciate that IP-based companies contain significant hidden value that is not reflected in their accounts. More, like HSBC, are taking measures to uncover that value, to understand it and provide finance to allow those companies to develop.

For more details, contact Inngot on 0333 800 8090 or online at

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Over £400 million of IP value found for customers and exciting innovation released for Inngot’s tools.

18th November 2017

Inngot’s online Sollomon Intellectual Property(IP) valuations identify the value in intangible assets. In a few short weeks’ companies in the Creative & Media, Software, Biotech and many more have unlocked more than £30 million of value in their IP.

These valuations have assisted companies with negotiations for funding, sales and licensing of IP using the widely recognised and respected ‘relief from royalty’ approach to IP valuation built with specialist input from Grant Thornton LLP.

With a grand total of £404,226,412 of IP value found Inngot’s Sollomon tools have been found to be invaluable in the negotiation of funding. Our customers have gained instant insight of the value of their intangible assets and can further develop their IP with strategy suggestions with our unique Appraise tool.

Valuations are £350 + VAT and include a review by one of our specialists. Steve Skill recently used the tool when looking for access to equity funding, and said that following the valuation more doors are opening – he said the valuation “sheds light from a professional perspective on your IP, you can go to the negotiation table and negotiate with confidence”.

We are delighted to be helping businesses identify the hidden value of their IP, assisting them to secure funding, negotiate sales and work on their IP strategy. The next few months will see our tools expand and grow to enhance the experience for our Customers and we are excited to share this with you.

Inngot’s groundbreaking Intellectual Property (IP) profiling tool has just become even easier. The introduction of a patent lookup in Goldseam means that instead of individually entering patents into the profiling system, entering one number will allow you to select others instantly from its family.

Inngot’s profiling system is designed to allow you to uncover your intangible assets in 15 to 30 minutes. The introduction of patent lookup could make this even quicker. Once you’ve entered all your data, you will be provided with an intangible asset register, a welcome addition to your company’s business plan and documents, detailing the assets which you cannot trust.

How it works

Entering your patent number including country prefix automatically displays the entire patent family if applicable, it also finds all relevant information and displays if the Patent is live, you can then select those relevant to the innovation/company you wish to value.

Valuing your IP

Goldseam’s profiling system is the first step to uncovering the hidden IP value of your innovation or company. After completing your Goldseam profile a few further questions about an IP’s financials and related information you will receive an indicative valuation. Over 80% of your company value could be in your IP and with a Sollomon certificate you will be able to demonstrate this intangible value.

An integral part of your IP strategy is registered rights and we know that companies can have a large IP portfolio, Inngot’s new Patent Lookup provides a quick and easy way to enter all the registered rights applicable to an IP.

Currently the Patent Lookup works for GB, WO, EP, US and SG Patent’s which have reached the ‘publication stage’, however this is due to expand to include all Patent’s shortly.

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Hidden Value (UK IPO, 2017) IPO report

27th September 2017

Hidden Value (UK IPO, 2017) investigates why comparatively few companies routinely examine the financial value of their intellectual property and intangible assets market. The 140 pp report is co-authored by Inngot CEO Martin Brassell and Dr Jackie Maguire of Firm Advantage, formerly CEO of Coller IP Management.

The study looks to understand why companies do not consider the hidden financial value of their intangible assets and particularly intellectual property (IP) on a more routine basis. It aims to increase awareness and understanding of the business benefits from valuing and effectively managing intellectual property.

The report focusses on four key aspects of the UK market for IP valuation:

  • The market structure: who the main participants are, and how they interact
  • The drivers of behaviour: what motivates companies to value their IP
  • Barriers to more efficient functioning of the market: what limits engagement with the valuation market
  • Potential solutions to overcome these barriers
Additionally three related aspects of the market were also examined, with reference to international benchmarks and recognised best practice:
  • The extent of IP valuation activity in the UK
  • Whether common and consistent IP valuation methods and approaches are being applied
  • Whether the market is working effectively from a competition prospective
The research concentrates on the quantitative valuation of intangible assets (including IP assets), as governed by a number of standards, regulations and guidelines that set out the valuation process and the methodologies and valuation techniques that either can or should be adopted.

Over 250 individual primary contributions have been obtained and analysed, using a mixture of interviews performed by the researchers and online surveys distributed by the UK Intellectual Property Office and via industry associations. Together with extensive secondary research, and consideration of the standards, regulations and other drivers of custom and practice in IP valuation, these contributions have provided the evidence base for the conclusions drawn in this report.

Behaviour drivers
Analysis of this study identified 22 reasonably distinct purposes for IP valuation. All the information gathered from valuers, intermediaries and beneficiaries of IP valuation activity points in one direction: as things currently stand, the biggest motivation for companies to carry out an IP valuation is because it is suggested to them they should have one, or they are compelled to obtain one by virtue of some external event.

This does not mean that all valuations identified during the study were driven by a legal or regulatory requirement. As borne out in interview, some investors and boards are conscious of IP value; it is evident from interview feedback that the valuation process does offer strategic benefits, especially when it happens in what this study terms an ‘opportunity-led’ context; and there are plenty of examples identified by this study where as a consequence of an IP valuation, the company achieves a specific aim that benefits its access to capital, revenues or bottom line. However, it does mean that fairly strong incentives are needed in order to prompt companies to take action.

All valuers were found to follow a consistent process in carrying out an independent valuation. Three approaches to IP valuation are recognised by all valuers interviewed and are embodied within the relevant industry standards: cost, market and income. Interviews with valuers for this study confirm that the primary drivers for determining which method is used relates to data availability and valuation purpose. The income approach (which is normally forward-looking in nature) is generally the preferred route in support of any preferred licensing, sale or IP financing transaction, and also features heavily in purchase price allocation valuation work.

The report concludes that there is room for further education and additional incentives, including more focus on lending and investment, and sets out the need for dialogue between agencies, accounting and industry bodies on ways to introduce voluntary IP statements. The individual elements, which involve education and incentives to engage further in IP valuation activities, consist of the following steps:
  • Highlighting the benefits to business of valuing their IP through a series of case studies;
  • Extending UK IPO's finance toolkit to include an open directory of IP valuers and their specialisms. This should be set within the context of formulating a sound IP strategy for a business, and should include the list of purposes for which valuation may be required or helpful;
  • Introducing a tailored UK IPO outreach programme of education and incentives, targeted individually for businesses and intermediaries, to include direct discussions with lenders and investors;
  • Conducting further research to gain a more sophisticated understanding
  • of the links between intangible asset valuations and IP strategy, how valuations of the same assets have varied by purpose and/or over time, and a comparison of valuations carried out by buyers vs. sellers;
  • Initiating dialogue between UK IPO, accounting and industry bodies
  • on the possible introduction of voluntary IP statements and/or labelling, potentially as part of corporate social responsibility reporting or in annual financial statements.

Follow this link for access to the full report.

Unlocking bank finance for intangible assets: New models of support

9th June 2016

Martin Brassell, Inngot's CEO will be taking part in a panel discussion at the Innovation Growth Lab's annual conference in Barcelona.

Before the event, Martin wrote a blog post for Nesta explaining New models of support for Unlocking bank finance for intangible assets. Read the blog post here.

Follow what's happening at the event here. 

FOUND: £300 million Intellectual Property Value!

10th May 2016

Inngot’s online intellectual property (IP) Valuation Tool, Sollomon®, has now identified over £300,000,000 Intellectual Property, for a wide range of clients, operating in a variety of sectors.

IP and intangibles are now the most valuable assets owned by the majority of businesses. Martin Brassell, Inngot’s CEO, explains: "Thirty, or forty years ago, most businesses had lots of tangible assets - buildings, machinery, stock and so on - but with the rise of the digital era, increasing numbers of organisations own very few tangibles.

To give an example, a small, successful software company, may only have a few thousands of pounds-worth of physical assets, such as computers, but the value of the software they produce, may run into tens-of-millions."

It is against this background that Inngot’s online IP identification, valuation and management tools, were developed.

In the old days, placing a value on a business was a relatively straightforward task: premises, equipment, vehicles and goods - whether new or second-hand - all have an established market value. If you wanted to raise funding for expansion, or sell your business and retire to the Costa del Sol, all you had to do was work out the value of all this ’stuff’, throw in a bit of goodwill and, hey-presto, you had a value for your business! It’s often not so easy, with modern, low-tangible-asset businesses, if you want to raise funding or sell your business - so how can you work out its value?

The first step in the process, is to identify everything the business owns and Inngot’s Goldseam® profiling process is a good starting point. This free profiling process, can be completed online, in less than half-an-hour and enables you to produce a PDF Inventory of the organisation’s IP and intangibles.

The next step is to use the Sollomon® valuation tool, to start the valuation process. For a modest fee, the online tool will walk you through the process, which combines the results of the profile, with other information you provide, to create an indicative valuation of your IP and intangibles. Upon completion of the process, an Inngot Analyst provides you with feedback, which enables further ’fine tuning’ prior to completion and production of your PDF Valuation Report.

From Aquaculture to Zinc Die Casting, companies from all over the world have found that the Sollomon® Valuation Report is a great way to help them realise the true value of their business - over £300m to date!

How much is your business hiding?

Inngot launches Danish service, addresses IP conference

26th April 2016

Inngot CEO, Martin Brassell, will be presenting the Sollomon online IP valuation approach at Denmark’s annual IP conference, to be held this year on 3 November in Copenhagen.

Co-hosted by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, the theme for this year’s conference is "IP rights; cost or investment?," taking an economic and commercially-oriented view of IP.

The news coincides with the addition of Denmark and Danish Kroner to the list of countries and currencies for which the Sollomon valuation tool has been optimised. Other countries recently added to the system include Australia and New Zealand, Canada and Norway.

Inngot CEO Martin Brassell commented: "As an increasing number of companies and policymakers come to appreciate the importance of having a standardised ’conversation starter’ on IP value, we’re delighted to be adding further territories to our website. Each new country requires us to analyse the elements of our cost of capital calculations, to ensure they are correctly calibrated, and that the service is appropriately tailored to the needs of locally based businesses."

Finding the value of bright ideas in a bright new place

25th April 2016

Inngot, the intellectual property (IP) commercialisation specialist, has moved to larger, brand-new premises in the heart of Swansea’s thriving Creative Quarter. The new head office, which is located in the Urban Village, High Street, will enable the growing company to accommodate a number of additional employees, who will be recruited in coming months, as part the next phase of Inngot’s planned expansion.

In addition to the more ’traditional’ offer of IP consultancy and research services, the firm, which was established in 2007, has a unique suite of online tools that are increasingly being used by commercial finance providers, to help counter the growing threat from the Fintech sector.

Paul Rogers, Inngot’s Technical Sales Manager, explains: "We are experiencing significant sales growth, both in the use of our tools, as well as in services, including some large international consultancy projects. It is essential that we have a well-located, professional office environment and the space to expand our workforce. We couldn’t have asked for a better environment - the new premises hit the mark in every respect."

Over the next few months, Inngot plans to introduce new products and services that will increase the company’s reputation as a ’one-stop shop’ for individuals and organisations that are looking to create the maximum value from their IP and intangible assets.

Whether you are simply curious about the IP in your business, its potential value, or how to unlock its value - for instance as security against a commercial funding package - call Inngot, now, on 0333 800 8090, to speak with one of their friendly advisors, or visit the website for more information.

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