UK budget highlights the importance of IP to the economy

31st October 2018

Inngot were recently invited by the EU IPO, on behalf of the European Commission, to deliver on a series of “Train the Trainers” masterclasses for a new European Commission IP pre-diagnostic (IPPD) service.  IPPD is a pilot programme to be rolled out in some EU countries, which is based and builds on experience from similar audit schemes (e.g. by INPI, France and UKIPO ‘IP Audits Plus’ scheme and European Patent Office initiatives).  The aim of IPPD is to have a network of business advisers on hand to raise awareness within the EU SME community of IP and wider intangible assets family, and the value therein.

Dr Alison Orr was delighted to deliver this masterclass and work with IP experts from across the EU, meeting some new and familiar faces in Brussels and have the opportunity to share best practices on IP management, strategy and valuation in an interactive training session.

EUIPO Report Published: The Baseline of Trade Secrets Litigation in the EU

13th September 2018

‘The Baseline of Trade Secrets Litigation in the EU’ is a report commissioned to KPMG by the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s(EUIPO) European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights.

The study, published 22nd August 2018, provides detailed information on all 28 EU Member States and maps out the current national legal systems protecting trade secrets, including remedies against the unlawful acquisition, use or disclosure of trade secrets, as well as a comparative analysis of national case-law across Member States.

The general concern of the study is that “the current case-law of various Member State’s confirms relationships and knowledge exchanges between companies operating at EU and international levels are hindered by legal uncertainties connected to the different thresholds of trade secrets protection.”

With this in mind, it recognises the need to harmonise the legislation of trade secrets in Europe, with the main objective to analyse the associated litigation in the different EU Member States, as well as the profile of parties involved and courts dealing with trade secrets matters.  

Areas of trade secret protection that were highlighted by the study as needing particular attention were; A lack of codified definition for "trade secrets" in legislation,Inconsistent application of the IP Enforcement Directive, Weak cross-border protection, and Inconsistent procedural tools creating a reluctance to commence litigation to protect trade secrets.

The EUIPO study provides an interesting background tothe development of Trade Secret legislation in Europe, differences across member states and how the EU Directive on trade secrets helps establish a common definition of trade secrets across EU member states, with the aim of offering legal certainty and clarity for businesses. It is important for companies to understand these legal definitions and how to protect their trade secrets appropriately, including recent implementation of this EU directive into UK law ( The study also contains useful examples of practical steps that have been taken by companies to keep relevant information secret.

A link to the full text of the study can be foundhere.

Contact the Inngot team if you need help to maximise and understand the value of your trade secrets and other intangible assets.

Inngot to lead new IP valuation study

19th October 2016

The Intellectual Property Office has appointed Inngot and Coller IP to conduct a detailed study of IP valuation markets and methodologies in the UK.

This new study will focus on the structure of the UK IP valuation market, how market participants interact, and how information barriers affect competition and engagement. Using a combination of market mapping, desk research, demand and supply side interviews and surveys, it will also identify and discuss potential ways to address areas where the market is not seen to be working effectively. 

Martin Brassell, Inngot CEO and co-author of the 2013 Banking on IP report, will lead the project together with Jackie Maguire, Director of IP Strategy at Coller IP, who was a member of the Expert Group on IP Valuation convened by the European Commission. 

Martin commented: “We’re delighted our appointment has been confirmed by UK IPO. Working with Coller IP on this project provides an opportunity to pool our expertise and resources to get to the heart of this important issue. Together with our colleagues in the industry, we look forward to formulating a detailed picture of the drivers and uses of IP valuation, and the circumstances that prevent more companies from valuing their intellectual assets, which we know will be of great interest to national and international audiences." 

IP ValueLab appoints Inngot to assist with Singapore IP transaction and management support review

17th May 2016

Following a competitive tender process, Inngot has been appointed by IP ValueLab, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, to assist it with a review of the country's support provision for IP transactions and management.

The project, to be run over an intensive 16-week period, will involve study of both Singapore's domestic systems and those of other leading IP-intensive nations, including China and the US.

Director of IP ValueLab, Michelle Tan, said: "We are pleased to be working with Inngot to benchmark our current IP support activities to businesses against international good practice, and highlight areas where we can and identify more opportunities to assist provide even more effective support to the many innovative companies in Singapore that are looking to realise value from their IP and grow their businesses."

Inngot CEO Martin Brassell, who will also be participating in sessions at this year’s IP Week conference, commented: "Having already provided assistance to some of the firms applying for Singapore’s innovative IP financing scheme, we are delighted to have now been engaged by IP ValueLab to take a broad view of support provision and help identify next-generation IP support to help drive this dynamic and forward-looking economy."

Read more about this story"Singapore approves first loan application using IP collateral..."

Accelerating business growth through IP

27th April 2016

Some of the high-growth potential businesses in Wales, have received support to maximise the value of their intellectual property (IP), through Business Wales’ Accelerated Growth Programme, with the help of Swansea-based, IP commercialisation specialists, Inngot Limited.

The Accelerated Growth Programme forms part of the Welsh Government’s Business Wales Entrepreneur and SME support services. The aim of the programme is to support and develop Start up and SME’s within Wales that have high growth aspirations and potential. Over the past few months Inngot have worked with individuals and businesses in the bioscience, environmental technology, communications, food and consumer services sectors. Inngot CEO, Martin Brassell, explained: "On average, IP and other intangible assets account for more than 80% of the modern business’ value. IP-rich businesses need to identify, manage and understand the value of their IP and intangibles, to make the most of them - that is where Inngot can help."

One beneficiary of Inngot’s support through the AGP, is a University bioscience spin-out that was the recipient of an ’IP Review & Valuation’ package. The review enabled the organisation’s stakeholders to understand their current IP position, along with the actions necessary to improve the value of its IP in future. However, it was the independent IP valuation that made the greatest immediate impact: enabling the firm to secure around £1m in commercial funding for further product development.

If your business has high-growth potential and is based in Wales then it may be eligible for support through the Accelerated Growth Programme. For further information about IP support and the AGP criteria, call Inngot, now, on 0333 800 8090, to speak with one of their friendly advisors, or visit the website for more information.

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