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Inngot signs alliance with global IP services provider Rouse
21st January 2019
Category: Company news.

Inngot, the innovative web-based platform for intellectual property (IP) and intangible asset identification and valuation, has concluded a strategic alliance with global IP...

IP experts collaborate at EU Masterclass
15th November 2018
Category: Company news.

Inngot were recently invited by the EU IPO, on behalf of the European Commission, to deliver on a series of “Train the Trainers” masterclasses for a new European Commission IP...

Inngot’s IP valuation platform facilitates IP lending by HSBC
7th November 2018
Category: Company news.

Inngot’s cost-effective internet-based IP valuation tool recently helped software group EAMS Group gain financing from HSBC UK, through the first use of the bank’s IP Lending Proposition....

UK budget highlights the importance of IP to the economy
31st October 2018
Category: Policy news.

This week, the Chancellor announced his budget and in it he paid attention to IP and its value in improving the UK’s productivity. He said...

EUIPO Report Published: The Baseline of Trade Secrets Litigation in the EU
13th September 2018
Category: Policy news.

The study, published 22nd August 2018, provides detailed information on all 28 EU Member States and maps out the current national legal systems protecting trade secrets, including remedies against the unlawful acquisition, use or disclosure of trade secrets, as well as a comparative analysis of national case-law across Member States...

#WorldIPDay Josephine Cochrane
19th April 2018
Category: IP in the news.

After one of their dinner parties, some of the precious china plates were accidently damaged as the servants were washing up. Josephine was furious. She decided to take all dish-washing duties upon herself, which she soon found repetitive and tiresome, and she began to wonder why a machine to wash dishes had still not been created..

#WorldIPDay Marie Van Brittan Brown
16th April 2018
Category: IP in the news.

In a neighborhood where crime was on the rise, Marie would often feel vulnerable when she was home alone. So, her and her husband joined forces to solve this problem, and the home security system was born..

#WorldIPDay Ruth Handler
13th April 2018
Category: IP in the news.

Ruth had faith in her idea, and after stumbling across a similar model when on a trip to Germany, she paired with missile engineer Jack Ryan to create a design. She then presented her idea - the Barbie doll - to her husband..

#WorldIPDay Bertha Benz
11th April 2018
Category: IP in the news.

Without telling her husband, Bertha & her two sons took off in the early morning & embarked on an adventure which would mark her as the first person to drive an automobile over a real distance in history..

#WorldIPDay Dr. Patricia Bath
9th April 2018
Category: IP in the news.

Dr. Patricia Bath was born in Harlem, New York in 1942. From a young age she was encouraged to peruse her academic interests - Patricia was given a chemistry set by her mother..

Over £400 million of IP value unlocked by Sollomon®
18th December 2017
Category: Company news.

Inngot’s online Sollomon Intellectual Property(IP) valuations identify the value in intangible assets. In a few short weeks’ companies in the Creative...

Hidden Value (UK IPO, 2017) IPO report
27th September 2017
Category: Company news.

Hidden Value (UK IPO, 2017) investigates why comparatively few companies routinely examine the financial value of their intellectual property and...

What is happening in the tech world?
10th July 2017
Category: IP in the news. Unlocking bank finance for intangible assets: New models of support
9th June 2017
Category: Company news.

Martin Brassell, Inngot's CEO will be taking part in a panel discussion...

5 of the Biggest Tech Rumours 2017
1st February 2017
Category: IP in the news. Inngot to lead new IP valuation study
19th October 2016
Category: Policy news.

The Intellectual Property Office has appointed Inngot and Coller IP to conduct a detailed study of IP valuation markets and methodologies in the UK.

IP ValueLab appoints Inngot to assist with Singapore IP transaction and management support review
17th May 2016
Category: Policy news.

Following a competitive tender process, Inngot has been appointed by IP ValueLab, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, to assist it with a review of the country's support provision for IP transactions and management...

FOUND: £300 million Intellectual Property Value!
10th May 2016
Category: Company news.

Inngot’s online intellectual property (IP) Valuation Tool, Sollomon®, has now identified over £300,000,000 Intellectual Property, for a wide range of clients, operating in a variety of sectors.

Accelerating business growth through IP
27th April 2016
Category: Policy news.

Some of the high-growth potential businesses in Wales, have received support to maximise the value of their intellectual property (IP), through Business Wales’ Accelerated Growth Programme, with the help of Swansea-based, IP commercialisation specialists, Inngot Limited.

Quantiply - helping innovators express the value of their IP
26th April 2016
Category: Case studies.

Inngot’s tools are at the heart of a new finance support offering for high potential businesses. Quantiply, operated by the Big Innovation Centre, helps companies leverage their intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets for debt and equity funding.

Inngot launches Danish service, addresses IP conference
26th April 2016
Category: Company news.

Inngot CEO, Martin Brassell, will be presenting the Sollomon® online IP valuation approach at Denmark’s annual IP conference, to be held this year on 3 November in Copenhagen.

Finding the value of bright ideas in a bright new place
25th April 2016
Category: Company news.

Inngot, the intellectual property (IP) commercialisation specialist, has moved to larger, brand-new premises in the heart of Swansea’s thriving Creative Quarter. The new head office, which is located in the Urban Village, High Street, will enable...

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