Inngot helps organizations translate intangible assets into real value. We don’t register rights; instead, we provide an objective, well-informed view on the return on investment your assets are generating, and how best to safeguard and maximise it. We specialize in:

  • IP strategy and policy work - to help you determine what to keep, what to abandon, and how to strengthen your competitive edge
  • Technology evaluation - to assess early stage technologies, where market opportunities need sizing or further investment is required
  • IP sale and licensing - via our in-house experts and network of industry contacts
  • IP audits and IP reviews - to take stock of the assets you have created and identify additional ways to secure and exploit them
  • IP education - coaching and masterclasses for commercial and academic organizations

Like our tools, Inngot’s services have been used by companies of all sizes, from start-up to multinational. We take on international assignments for strategy and policy work, valuations and IP sales and licensing. Give us a call or send us an email with your requirements in any of the above categories.

IP strategy & IP policy

Whether you’re seeking to drive value from large and diverse IP portfolios, moving into new markets or territories, or assessing the best ways to protect your inventions, Inngot can assist.

Inngot has developed IP assessment approaches that get directly to the heart of the matter and ‘tell it like it is’. Our team is well versed in helping organizations consider the pros and cons of different patenting strategies; improving invention disclosure processes; structuring intangible asset registers; improving confidentiality procedures; and assessing the contribution made by different patents within a portfolio (for which we have our own proprietary approach). All of these can be combined with valuation approaches to help you take an holistic view of return on investment.

Past clients for strategy and policy work range from the very large (multinational corporations and research foundations) to the very small (pre-trading specialist technology companies, both independent and university-backed). If you would like an independent view of your options, just get in touch.

Technology evaluation

We can find value in your know-how, whether your innovation is advanced, or at an early stage of development.

It is not easy to quantify the value of a technology that is yet to go on sale - and the 'leaner' and earlier your R&D activities, the less tangible assets there are on which to base a view. However, where investment is a priority, justifying your share price is essential. Inngot can help you determine how much the assets your hard work has created might reasonably be worth.

Even when a business is trading and growing, additional technology validation activities can be beneficial. Growth is often linked to re-investment, which reduces profits, and has a knock-on effect on standard company valuation approaches. Inngot can help you put back the business value that simple earnings multiple calculations leave out.

We focus on the assets that aren't shown on your balance sheet, and calculate their worth with reference to your past, present and anticipated future commercial development. We conduct independent research into deals in your sector involving comparable technologies and use these to build a report that brings together an assessment of your technology, your markets and the logistical and legal hurdles you face. Where IP is at an early stage, we may incorporate probabilistic modeling techniques, helping you express future expected benefits in today’s terms.

In 2014, UK IP licensing exports were estimated to be worth $20bn (Source: World Bank): in the US, this activity was worth over $130bn. A growing number of companies appreciate that it is not enough simply to protect intellectual assets well – they also have to earn their keep. Is yours one of them?

As well as in-house expertise of licensing and selling IP to multinationals, Inngot also has an extensive network of contacts with licensing practitioners, IP marketplaces and auction houses. We follow a three-step process to IP marketing:

  • Strategy workshops for those new to IP sale and licensing, focused on opportunities and threats, targeting and contracts
  • Analytic research examining the strengths and weaknesses of your IP portfolio compared with your prospects, to refine tactics
  • Active marketing using open or ‘stealth’ techniques depending on the requirements of the agreed brief

IP audits and IP reviews (UK)

In-depth, expert examination of your existing and potential future assets, from one of the UK’s most experienced IP audit teams.

An IP audit delivers a comprehensive status overview of all your intangible assets, including prospective future IP as well as any rights you may already have registered. While this is often the best approach, it is sometimes more appropriate to focus on specific IP issues that are giving rise to concern or hindering preventing business progress, in which case a review may be a better solution. Whichever you choose, our process involves a personal site visit, followed by independent research using publicly available data sources, and leads to a detailed written report setting out your position and your strategic options for ensuring the target assets are properly protected and well exploited. We are uniquely placed to provide you with a comprehensive, relevant service, because:

  • Our knowledge isn't theoretical - every Inngot team member delivering IP audits has hands-on experience of obtaining and protecting IP rights
  • We're commercially-minded - as well as their IP expertise, all members of our delivery team have also been high growth business coaches
  • Our services are backed by Inngot's toolkit - so we can get to the heart of the assets your business owns and put a value on them
  • We're independent - when we make our recommendations, we can provide you with a choice of locally-based firms, who can provide you with a free quotation for any follow-up professional support required. You're not tied to us, or anyone else

Depending on your company status, you may be able to get help with your auditing costs (at least 80% of total cost) via the UK Intellectual Property Office IP Audits Plus scheme. If you're a growth company receiving support from Scottish Enterprise in Scotland, or you are signed up to the Welsh Government's Accelerated Growth Programme or Business Innovation Projects in Wales, you may be able to access valuable assistance. Contact us for more details.

Coaching and masterclasses (UK)

Increase appreciation and understanding of IP and intangibles with our ‘one-to-many’ training and familiarization sessions.

When a business is young, it’s often possible for one person to look after IP issues. However, as firms grow and diversify, an increasingly wide range of people need to understand more about their most valuable assets. Inngot has written and delivered intellectual property ‘masterclasses’ for regional and national programmes with exceptional satisfaction ratings. Recipients range from small and medium sized enterprises to large and complex individual organizations such as universities. Content is always tailored to the requirements of the audience, to ensure that all delegates get what they need from each session, but may include:

  • What am I allowed to say about our latest developments, and to whom?
  • How does IP infringement arise and what can I do to stop it happening?
  • How can I make sure my company doesn’t get ‘held to ransom’ by its suppliers?
  • Who owns the copyright in our marketing materials and our website?
  • Where can I find out whether my ‘invention’ is actually novel?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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